Residential Roofing Services

Oklahoma Roofing Company, Residential Roofing ServicesStatewide Roofing an A+ Rated BBB Roofing company has a full range of residential roofing services. Our roofing team is equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure that your roof is always in top condition. From small repairs to complete replacements, we do it all! From the project estimating stage through to project completion, you will receive one-on-one service from a residential roofing specialist who will estimate the project on site, provide a step-by-step review of the estimate details, help with product selection, and see the project through to completion. We pride ourselves on our quality assurance system to make sure every project is finished with complete customer satisfaction. We install many roofing products to ensure the beauty of your home is unmatched and weather-tight. We install all roofing types. composite shingles, tile, and stone coated tiles and metal roofs. Call us today for a free quote.

Residential Re-Roofing

We work will all types of roofs! Our services are backed by our outstanding warranties and our reputation. Statewide Roofing understands the value and importance of maintaining your house for your family’s safety. If you’re existing roofing system failed due to poor workmanship, severe weather condition, defective materials, lack of maintenance, improper specification of roofing system, or any other reasons you can count on the team at Statewide Roofing to install a quality roof that not only protects but enhances the value of your property.

We are your local Oklahoma Roofing company and as such we understand the unique challenges your roof faces, from ice in the winter to hail and strong winds in the spring and scorching temperatures in the summer. We have the right solution for you, for your roof. We can advise you on the best roofing materials.  Ask us today about our Class 4 impact Resistant Shingles that offer greater protection from hail impact.

New Construction

The roof you choose for your home not only gives you peace of mind from the outside elements but is also an architectural statement that is part of your home’s overall beauty and appearance. Statewide Roofing works with building contractors and homeowners for new construction projects. We’ll assess structural needs to ensure proper drainage and installation no matter the scale or level of complexity. Statewide Roofing install roofing products by a select group of manufacturers chosen for their quality, customer support and workmanship ensuring a roof that will outperform your expectations.

Statewide Roofing has financing options for all its residential roofing services

Roofing Inspections

Call us to determine the extent of your roof damage and help you decide whether you have a legitimate claim with your insurance company. Turning a claim in with no damage can sometimes affect your insurance premiums regardless of whether a  payment was made.  We believe our insurance experience is second to none and will help guide you through the insurance process.

Roof Maintenance

Your roof is a major investment. Major investments need protection. Annual maintenance can provide that protection and ensure proper functioning. On the other hand, a lack of inspection and maintenance will eventually result in premature failure and unexpected and unavoidable expenses. Most roof damage occurs either during the winter or during the Oklahoma Storm Seasons. With a lack of maintenance, harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, strong winds hail and ice and extreme temperatures, can cause substantial damage to a roof. Contact Statewide Roofing today to arrange a roofing inspection and maintenance. Maintenance today could detect a problem before it gets worse protecting your property and potentially saving you money.

Emergency Roofing Services

Statewide Roofing understands the stress a homeowner can feel after a natural disaster such as a tornado or severe hailstorm.  Our goal is to be a trusted resource for disaster recovery and to allow you the peace of mind you deserve after a  storm. Should a storm cause damage after hours you can rest assured that Statewide Roofing has 24/7 live agent support. We also have an emergency call out service to cover and protect your roof to prevent additional damage to the interior of your home. For emergency services or all other residential roofing services call statewide roofing.